Bathroom Remodeling Fresno

If you are searching for bathroom remodeling contractors in Fresno, CA, Plata Construction, LLC can help! Plata Construction LLC, is Fresno’s #1 bathroom remodel company offering reconstruction and remodeling services. Call today or get a free quote.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Fresno, CA

The trustworthy bathroom remodeling contractors in Fresno, CA can help with any bathroom remodeling project you can throw at as. Whether your looking to remodel your outdated bathroom, toilet replacement, shower remodel, convert bathtub into a shower, tub installation, or install new bathroom flooring, we can help!

Bathtub Replacement and Installation Fresno CA

Plata Construction, LLC is a reputable company that offers quality bathtub replacement and installation services in Fresno, CA. We have a team of experienced and skilled contractors who can handle all aspects of the bathtub replacement process, from removing the old tub to installing a new one.

How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Fresno, CA?

According to HomeDepot, “Bathroom remodels typically start at $5000 and vary depending on the size of your bathroom and the products you select.”‘

HomeAdvisor says the average cost to remodel a bathroom in Fresno, CA is about $11,276 with average prices ranging from $7,722 to $15,273.

The cost factors of bathroom remodeling in Fresno, CA include:

  1. Size of the bathroom: The larger the bathroom, the more expensive the remodel is likely to be.
  2. Scope of the project: A full bathroom remodel that involves tearing out and replacing all fixtures, flooring, and finishes will be more expensive than a project that only involves updating certain elements.
  3. Materials: The type of materials used in the remodel can significantly affect the overall cost. For example, using high-end materials like natural stone or custom cabinets will typically be more expensive than using more basic materials.
  4. Plumbing and electrical work: If the remodel involves significant changes to the plumbing or electrical systems, this can add to the cost.
  5. Labor: The cost of labor for the remodel can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the experience and reputation of the contractors.
  6. Permits: Some bathroom remodeling projects may require building permits, which can add to the overall cost.
  7. Design fees: If you hire a designer to help plan and execute the remodel, this will add to the cost.
  8. Delivery fees: If you need to have materials delivered to the site, this can add to the cost of the remodel.
  9. Disposal fees: If the remodel involves removing and disposing of old fixtures and materials, this can add to the cost.
  10. Contingencies: It is always a good idea to budget for contingencies when remodeling a bathroom, as unexpected issues can arise during the course of the project. This can help ensure that you have the financial resources to address any issues that come up and keep the project on track.