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Plata Construction is Fresno’s firm to consult for a kitchen remodel.  We understand that your kitchen is the heart of each home.  If you are considering a remodel in your kitchen, allow us to help you get the project started.  Older kitchens tend to be outdated and inefficient.  We can help remodel your kitchen with almost any budget to create a space you’re excited to be in.

Fresno Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Keys

The biggest key to a kitchen remodel, is finding a remodeling contractor you can trust!  Allow us to take your kitchen from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Our team will help you make the best decisions to stretch your budget for the best materials and design choices. Surprisingly, the actual demolition and construction phase is many times the easiest part of a kitchen remodel.  The secret is finding the right contractor who has the knowledge and connections to make your money work for you and get the best remodel possible.  We are proud to be Fresno’s reliable, experienced, and detail-oriented kitchen remodeling company who is committed to the ultimate customer service experience. 

It is mission impossible to pretend you are a celebrity chef in a kitchen that is old and worn out.  Trying to do a DIY remodel can be an expensive and time consuming disaster.  Hiring a competent contractor in Fresno to handle your kitchen remodel ensures that you’ll have a stunning outcome and an enjoyable project experience.  When clients hire Plata Construction they ensure that they get an upgraded and beautifully upgraded cooking area.  Not only will your home be easier to live in and more beautiful, but it will increase your home’s value.  If your kitchen is from the stone age and hard to cook in, let us help bring you up to date and guide you.

Why Remodel Your Fresno Kitchen?

Your kitchen may need to be remodeled for a number of reasons.  Older kitchens can lack the space or seating to entertain guests.  Other kitchens limit the creativity to cook and bake by not having enough storage for pans and kitchen appliances.  If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always keeping in mind your home’s value in case you need to move.  Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most cost effective ways to increase the value of your home. Today’s home buyer is looking for better cabinet layouts, updated surfaces, beautiful countertops, plentiful outlets, and improved lighting.  Remodeling your kitchen makes your home more enjoyable for you, and helps you prepare for the eventuality that you do need to sell your home.

Our valued customers from Fresno call on Plata Construction for a variety of reasons.  However, old, outdated, and ugly kitchen tops are at the top of the list.  We understand that each homeowner has their own priorities, and each job will require a different approach.  Our experience has made us masters at more than custom kitchen remodels, namely masters at custom customer service.  We listen to your needs so you get the beautiful custom kitchen where you will love to cook and entertain your guests and family!

Pre-Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

Plata Construction clients achieve significant gains to property value with kitchen remodeling.  Dream kitchens take planning, and that’s where we can help guide you.  Think about the following 5 categories of what would make your dream kitchen, so we can help make it a reality.

  1. Layout & Design – One of the first and most important steps is deciding the layout of your new kitchen.  Do you want an island?  Would an open plan be more appealing?  Allow our designer to help you choose the best layout for your budget and kitchen remodeling goals.
  2. Appliances & Cooking Equipment – Kitchen remodeling often involves new appliances.  Are you wanting a new refrigerator, stove, OTR microwave?  It’s important to choose these items early so the kitchen and cabinetry can be custom measured to ensure they fit properly.
  3. Lighting – A well lit kitchen is a safer and more enjoyable space to work in.  It also increases the visual presentation of your kitchen after a remodel.  Under cabinet lighting is becoming nearly expected by homeowners so all work areas are well lit and easy to use.  Lighting can also be designed to be warm and inviting.
  4. Surfaces & Counters – The surfaces of your kitchen, such as the countertops, cabinets, and floor should be updated to be easy to clean and as functional as they are visually stunning.
  5. Storage – One of the biggest issues in every kitchen is storage.  Having enough room for the pots, pans, appliances, spices, and enough pantry room is essential. Our designer can help you make your kitchen storage more organized, ergonomic, and make cooking simply more enjoyable.